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    Approval Debug Mode not working

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      Hello All,


      We are facing an issue with the setting of the approval server.Whenever we are setting the Approval debug mode and give the file name the system saves it but when we open it it again it remain un updated and takes the older path set in ar.conf.We tried everything like setting the same manually  from ar.conf but even that is not working.

      Drilled down to the workflow level also ,the AL which is updating the ar.conf with the new path is :



      Checking AP:Admin-SS-SaveApproveLogFile (0)

      <ACTL>     -> Failed qualification -- perform else actions

      <ACTL>  0: Run Process

      <ACTL>     @@: 73\30\AP:Admin-SS-SaveApproveLogFile\1000\3\0\1370923786\0\0\\10\1\11301\0\\

      <ACTL>  Run Process on server

      <ACTL>  Server: ncorp-remtst-02

      <ACTL> Process: Application-Command Approval Update-Config -t "Approval-Log-File:" -o "C:\Users\BMCadmin.RANBAXY\Desktop\apr.log"

      <ACTL>    Success


      Even the command which is updating the log file path is executed successfully but the is no actual update on ar.conf.rest of the setting are working fine.


      we are on AR 8.1 midtier 8.1 with latest hotfix


      Any help would be appreciated