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    Can I have a property that refers to another property?

      In Bladelogic 8.5, I am trying to create a Server property that refers to other Server properties. For example..


      Create a property named PHYSICAL_LOCATION that is an enumerated String with some options and defaults.

      Create a property named NETWORK_LOCATION, same deal.


      Then create a property named LOCATION with a default of ??PHYSICAL_LOCATION?? - ??NETWORK_LOCATION??. The console seems to allow you to do this, you can pull up other properties to use in the default definition. But it does not seem to translate LOCATION to the values of physical and network location. I've set up a smart group to match what the definition of LOCATION should be but it is not matching any servers.


      Is this possible, am I doing something wrong or just totally off base? I've also tried setting the default of LOCATION to just ??PHYSICAL_LOCATION?? but that doesn't work either. I see there are other properties related to SOX and DISA that do this same sort of thing, but maybe I am missing a step.




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          Don Kim

          So it sounds like you want to create a smart group based on a value that is the concatenation of two other property values. If you are trying to create smart groups that match definitions, why not use PHYSICAL_LOCATION?? and NETWORK_LOCATION?? properties. "Starts with" on the first, then "ends with (not sure if this a real operator but you get the idea)" on the other. "Contains" and "equals" and other operators should also do the job depending on your values. You will still get something like this : (physical location)CA-LAN1(network location) in the same group. If that doesnt work, you may want to consider enumerating each possible Physical location and network location value. This will give you lots of values, but will get you what you want.


          Alternatively, you can create a custom property class property, but for smart groups - that may be over the top.

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            I realize I can do that and that was my initial intention, however our SA groups asked if the concatenated properties could be done so I thought I'd look into it.


            The answer I am looking for is why is there a button on the right of the default box of the property that lets you fill in other properties as the default if that doesn't seem to work? Or what am I doing that is preventing that from working?

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              Don Kim

              I am sure others can chime in on the why, but I have not seen properties work that way. In order to reference other properties values, a custom property class property is required. Unless things changed in 8.5, that behavior is expected.