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    managing config files based on server properties

    Chad Johnson

      We have multiple data centers.  We have also created a server property stating which data center a server is in; this is set during provisioning.


      We need to manage config files (or config file contents) based upon the location (data center) the server is in.  I would like to do this as simply as possible as it can grow as new data centers / locations are deployed.


      A basic example is the 'nameserver' entries in the /etc/resolv.conf file on linux.  We need differring values depending on the location of the server (a server property).  This task (plus many others) will be executed in a post provisioning job so it needs to be hands off.


      I know I can do this via a component template, compliance, rules and remediation but is there an easier method?


      I'm fine with managing the files as a whole, using them as configuration files, etc.


      Any suggestions?