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    SRD - Push ServiceCI selection to Incident

    Lisa Singh
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      I've been searching and I couldn't find a discussion on this but I may have just missed it.


      I've created a service request which logs an incident. I started with an AOT that adds target data for various fields in an incident, description, detailed description, service type, etc, some with default values and some with values pushed to the SRD with a PDT.


      I want the users to also be able to select the correct Service. Using a query menu is easy enough to select it but how do I push it into the incident?


      What I've done so far:


      Created a no-template AOT that has, among others, ServiceCI as a target data field.

      Created a PDT with "Service" defined as a variable and mapped to ServiceCI as a process input and set to "input required."

      Created an SRD with a query menu with question "Which service is affected?"

      Mapped the PDT variable "Service" to the "Which service is affected?" question response.


      But when I try to raise an incident in Request Entry from that request it fails with error:

      1901093: "", "Please select a Service CI from the menu provided or search for a Service CI by pressing the CI search button.";


      I've tried a load of different things...and am utterly stumped.


      Do I need to push via the PDT as an output value?

      Or setup an entry in Application Target Data? If so which fields. Utterly stumped....any help would save my hair from falling out!