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    Back Up of BSA Environment

    Suresh Kesanakurthi

      Hi All


      I need to take back up for whole BSA environment.


      What are the necessary files and folders to be considered ?



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          Bill Robinson

          file server content



          any location you put custom scripts if not in the above

          you could also dump 'blasadmin show all' to a file and keep it


          i'm working on a doc page for this info, hopefully i'll have time to finish that soon.

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            Joe Piotrowski

            I will typically also back up the:

            .../rsc directory

            .../deployments directory

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              Raja Mohan

              Bill Robinson I sure would be interested in such a checklist

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                Bill Robinson

                can you see this:




                it's pretty high level right now:




                The BladeLogic Schema should be backed up using your preferred database backup software.

                File Server

                Backup the entire directory shown in the blasadmin show file location output using your preferred file backup software. 

                Note that the Database and File Server backups should be correlated

                Application Server


                <install dir>/NSH/br/deployments/*/bladelogic.keystore (however these files should be identical)

                <install dir>/NSH/share/sensors

                <install dir>/NSH/scripts

                <install dir>/NSH/br/blappserv_krb5.conf, <install_dir>/NSH/br/blappserv_login.conf (only if AD or Domain login is enabled)

                Any custom files not stored in the File Server Location


                There are a couple ways to to backup the appserver configuration - backup the files that makeup the configuration, or dump the configuration to a file for later restore via a script.

                File Based Approach

                Backup the <install dir>/NSH/br/deployments directory.  Note that these files are unique per application server host and contain hostname specific settings.

                Script Based Approach

                Run blasadmin -s <deployment name> show all > /tmp/<deployment name>.txt periodically and backup these files.  Obviously the location of the file can be somewhere other than tmp, but should not be in the <install dir>/NSH or any sub directories.  The benefit to this approach is that the configuration could be restored to a different physical server.




                Restore the BladeLogic schema using your preferred database backup software

                File Server

                Restore the file server contents using your preferred database backup software.

                Application Server

                Install the same version of the application server into the same directory location, do not run the blappconf post-installation wizard if prompted. 


                Restore the files backed up to their original locations


                File Based Approach

                Restore the <install dir>/NSH/br/deployments files and directories to their original locations, overwriting what is there.

                Script Based Approach

                Run a script to create and configure the various application server deployments based on the backed up configurations.


                After restoration is completed start up the application server services.

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                  Raja Mohan

                  Bill Robinson I get a page error on the link


                  You cannot view this page

                  Page level restrictions have been applied that limit access to this page.

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                    Joe Piotrowski

                    Raja, depending on who you are you will need to contact the following for assistance:


                    BMC Employee: helpdesk@bmc.com

                    BMC Partner: partner_network@bmc.com

                    BMC Customer: customer_care@bmc.com

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                      Bill Robinson

                      i pasted the content of the page in my post...