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    Failed to verify the supplied relay (TCP CONNECTION FAILED).

    Paolo Righi

      Hi to All,


      I'm facing a problem I haven't seen before.

      I rolled-out a newly installed Vista Business PC (not yet windowsupdate updated) with firewall disabled and MS Security Essentials disabled too from a Windows 2003 master (with no firewall nor antivirus), but the agent can't identify its relay (the master).

      In the mtxagent.log I have:


      2018/04/28 14:33:29 AgentIdentity                W   [3068] Current parent is out of sync


      2018/04/28 14:33:29 AsynchronousActions          W   [3580] ip change callback received with no current GUID: we do not notify our parent


      2018/04/28 14:33:29 AgentActionDB               I   [3036] Invoke action RelayCheckClient on remote host http://BMC FootPrints Asset Core Agent:****@FP:1610, (tunnel '')
      2018/04/28 14:33:29 AgentActionDB                D   [3036] Remote action invocation failed, XML error: 4 (TCP CONNECTION FAILED)

      2018/04/28 14:33:29 Relay    


      W   [3036] Failed to verify the supplied relay (FP:1610)

      In the Identity.ini file the MasterAddress, the MasterPort, the MasterConsolePort and the MasterGuid are all unassigned.

      Why does that happen and what should I do to solve and prevent that?


      Thank you and Best regards.


      Paolo Righi.