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    How to do compliance using Extended Object ?



      I am looking for compliance of user password policy attributes for linux target servers using Extended object. This is the very first time where I am going to create an extended object.

      I have a script in order to get the list of all users in the target server but facing issue in adding commands in order to fetch other user attributes (pwd expiry,account expiry,min/max days for pwd change etc) can be added to this script.

      As of now I did like this

      kept the script in fileserver/extended object

      EO details

      nsh -c "//fileserver/script_name.nsh" ???TARGET.NAME?

      central execution

      name=value grammer


      BSA Version:8.2

      Also chage command is not executed from BSA as this is not found under NSH command. Is there any alternate command in BSA for "chage -l username" ?

      Kindly give your valueable suggestion in fetching additional attributes of users.





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