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    Mismatch found in form HPD:HelpDesk_AuditLogSystem

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      Hi All,


      In HPD:Help Desk when we click on 'view Audit Log' link under Functions (in classic view) it shows all audit related information properly.


      Clicking on View Audit Log link popups HPD: Help Desk Audit Log form where it displays contents in a table z2TH SystemAudit.

      When I checked this table's properties using Developer Studio - I found that it refers  HPD:HelpDesk_AuditLogSystem form.


      However, for few records we found there is mismatch in the number of records displayed in the table z2TH SystemAudit and records in HPD:HelpDesk_AuditLogSystem.


      The below qualification is built for fetching the data in the table -




      (('Original Request ID' = $Incident Request ID$) OR ('Log Key 1' = $Incident Number$)) AND EXTERNAL($Qualification$)



      I am confused with the behavior of fetched records and actual records available in HPD:HelpDesk_AuditLogSystem.


      Can anybody let me know how this query work.


      Also, $Qualification$ is hidden field. I tried to search this field on the form but unable to find it. I need help in finding where such fields are stored and how it works in Remedy.


      We use -

      AR System 7.5 patch 004

      ITSM 7.6.01 patch 001



      Thanks in Advance!