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    Updating permissions on Components

      Hi, Im not sure if this is the intended functionality or an issue, we have several roles in the BSA RBAC, the windows admins login in as WinAdmin role, they do their own compliance checks and run discovery jobs to get target components,


      the other day I logged in as BLAdmin and ran a discovery job on hundreds of servers, we have hundreds of Components with Permissions for BLAdmin, but we also need the permission to be WinAdmin Component.*  so that WinAdmins can go in and run compliance audit jobs. Right now if a WinAdmin goes in and runs Compliance check on a Component that doesnt have WinAdmin in the Permission tab, he gets Access.Denied error



      I tried running a permission update on both the Component Template itself and its parent folder, it usually should propagate permissions down to its children, but in this case it doesnt do that, the WinAdmins role is never added to the Component objects. Other than deleting these existing Components and running Discovery again as WinAdmin, is there any way to update their permission?


      I verified this is the same case on both BSA 8.3 SP2 and 8.5