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    property DISA windows security error

    Raja Mohan

      I created a new role that is different from BLADMIN and using that role to provision a RHEL server, I am faced with the following error


      Error Apr 22, 2014 2:26:30 PM com.bladelogic.om.infra.mfw.util.BlException: Property DISA Windows Security Properties is required


      Found this property is set at BuiltinPropertyClass -> Server -> PROVSERVER.


      After this error, it doesnt seem to trigger the provisioning job and the server build process fails with "no job running for this device on the appserver. aborting" . The same provisioning works fine when initiated from bladmin role.


      any help appreciated,




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          Bill Robinson

          i think this is related to a defect w/ the content installer.  the content installer imports the DISA STIG compliance template (and others) and it creates some properties.  the defect is that the properties are set in such a state as they must be set to some value but you cannot set them.  i'd suggest opening a support ticket to get the remediation.

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            Raja Mohan

            Thanks bill, I will open a support ticket.

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              Raja Mohan

              I had to do the following for the user role to work with provisioning a RHEL server


              1. Login with BlAdmins role to console

              2. Infrastructure Management--Property Dictionary View---Custom Property Class

              3.Right Click on "DISA Windows DC and Member server security settings" and click on Update Permission---Green + button on Access Control List and ----select the new role ---and move PropertyClass.read permission----click on ok..

              4. Select Instances---Open Member server settings--on permission Tab---add the PropertyInstance.Read permission for new role.


              and had to do the same for "DISA Windows Exchange" class


              now that brings another question, how to set different provserver for location based or OS based to assign default values