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    Failed to Establish a Connection.....

    Edwin Lindeman

      Hey guys I'm getting this Error when I attempt to browse the vCenter CO on one of the vCenters customer has.


      "Failed to establish connection either because of invalid webservice details or web service is down. Check logs for further details: on host <vcenter name>"

      I browse the community and found few articles related to the error but unfortunately still having this issue. Here are some things we did to see if we could connect.

      1. Removed the CO and redistribute the CO.
      2. Manually Removed the instances that are created in Connection Class and Virtualization.
      3. After distributing the CO back to that vCenter the instances didn't automatically get created so manually created those instances.


      We validated the username and password for the vCenter is correct. We validated the were able to connect from application server to vCenter over 443 to the webservice URL.

      Any assistance on this is much appreciated.


      Best Regards