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    How to get vCenter Datastore attributes via blcli - Free space with blcli

    Sorin Gancea


      I have to virtualize with BSA servers in VMWare vCenter and the requirements are saying to create the harddisks on the datastore that has the maximum amount of free space.

      When the list of datastore is browsed inside a VGP it displays also the amount of free space, like here:


      I couldn't find any command that does this programmaticaly; the result of list entities command with type DataStore has only a subset of information displayed:

      % blcli_execute Virtualization listVirtualEntitiesByEntityManagerServerIdAndEntityType 2005500 VMWareDataStore

      hds_hds11_cl1507_00::hds_hds11_cl1507_00::2005500 VMWareDataStore hds_hds11_cl1507_00

      hds_hds23_cl1507_thin_lun00::hds_hds23_cl1507_thin_lun00::2005500 VMWareDataStore hds_hds23_cl1507_thin_lun00

      hds_hds23_cl1507_thin_lun01::hds_hds23_cl1507_thin_lun01::2005500 VMWareDataStore hds_hds23_cl1507_thin_lun01

      hds_hds23_cl1507_thin_lun02::hds_hds23_cl1507_thin_lun02::2005500 VMWareDataStore hds_hds23_cl1507_thin_lun02

      netapp_sv1677_cl1507_lun07::netapp_sv1677_cl1507_lun07::2005500 VMWareDataStore netapp_sv1677_cl1507_lun07

      netapp_sv1677_cl1507_lun08::netapp_sv1677_cl1507_lun08::2005500 VMWareDataStore netapp_sv1677_cl1507_lun08

      sv4564_int0::sv4564_int0::2005500 VMWareDataStore sv4564_int0

      sv4565_int0::sv4565_int0::2005500 VMWareDataStore sv4565_int0


      Is there any command that offers more information, including also the amount of free space for each datastore?

      The idea is to create VGP and VGJ programmaticaly and at the very end a virtual server, without human intervention.


      Just drop me an email if you have any idea.

      Thank you in advance,