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    Inserting links to other Knowledge articles

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      We are on 7.6.04 SP1 and I am trying to enter link of other KB article in new article. External links work fine but link to any K article does not take exactly to that article(I copied URL from address bar). Instead it just takes to blank article. In user guide of KM I was following below steps:

      Is there a better way to do it?;


      7.6.04 KM user guide page 43


      Inserting links

      You can insert links to other knowledge articles or external websites.

        To insert a link

      1Click inside a rich text field.

      2Select the knowledge article text to become the hyperlink.

      3Click the HTML Link icon.

      4In the Link Option panel, enter the URL to link to.

      Select whether the URL will open in a new window and add a description to the link

      5Click OK.

      BMC Remedy Knowledge Management inserts the hyperlink in the text field.


      Thanks in advance!