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    Error while running pre-analysis on server: servername, Error: Cannot get agent install directory.

      Getting the below error when I running the PAJ or any deployment job using the newly created role which is mapped to domainuser instead of

      Local user.

      Error while running pre-analysis on server: SERVERNAME, Error: Cannot get agent install directory.Ensure that the agent is installed and

      licensed (using the agentinfo and autolic utilities), and update the server properties (execute the Update Server Properties Job, or right-click

      the server and select Verify) on SERVERNAME.

      I have recently mapped the domainuser(domainname\abccompany) in the users.local file as below & pushed the ACL to reflect the same in

      users file.
      Users.local entry
      SharepointAdmins:*  rw,map=domainname\abccompany

      User file(sample)
      SharepointAdmins:user1@XYZ.ABCCOMPANY.NET       rw,map=domainname\abccompany
      SharepointAdmins:user2@XYZ.ABCCOMPANY.NET       rw,map=domainname\abccompany
      SharepointAdmins:user3@XYZ.ABCCOMPANY.NET       rw,map=domainname\abccompany
      SharepointAdmins:user4@XYZ.ABCCOMPANY.NET       rw,map=domainname\abccompany

      Also from RBAC end on the newly created role I have mapped to as shown in the below screenshot.For other role it is working fine on the server, Seems I have configured the setting wrongly for the newly created role..........So request you to help me out in providing the exact steps to map the domainusers.RBAC_Settings.jpg