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    Syslog event logger

    Monoj Padhy


      How can we find out whether syslog event logger is configured in any unix platform ?  If not configured then what would be the best practice to add the syslog daemon to the target server.

      Is there any script to available for the same ?

      Platform: BSA 8.2


      Any suggestion would be a great help.




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          Bill Robinson

          There’s a lot of ways:

          - is the syslog package (for that platform) installed

          - is the /etc/syslog.conf or /etc/rsyslog.conf (or whatever) present

          - is the syslog process running

          - is the syslog binary present wherever it should be


          As far as deploying it if it’s not there, I’d suggest using the package for the particular OS – most OS vendors should have a packaged syslog installable.

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            Monoj Padhy

            Thanks Bill for your quick response.

            So we need to add the packaged installable into depot and then deploy to the target server. (For missing targets)


            If any servers syslog configuration is required to be in sync with the master server configuration then we can add the master server configuration(syslog.conf) to the depot as blpackage and then sync it with the master server configuration.

            (Syslog is found but configuration is required to update)


            Please correct me if I am getting wrong here.

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              Bill Robinson

              Yes – part of the check can be that the syslog file is setup correctly.  you can add the syslog.conf as a config file object to the template and check/deploy just the lines in the file that you care about.

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                Monoj Padhy

                OK Bill thanks a lot. Let me try out the things as part my of testcase.

                Post which I will update the thread.

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                  Monoj Padhy

                  Bill ....I wish to create an extended object to check the syslog configuration and for this we may need  to have a script in place. Could you guide me in creating a bash/NSH script for the same.

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                    Don Kim

                    Not enough detail so here is a vague starting point. You can cat syslog.conf then pipe to manipulate further as an EO. Or simply add the master syslog.conf as a configuration file as Bill mentioned.

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                      Bill Robinson

                      right - so why do you need to use an EO? why not the built-in compliance conditions ?


                      what specifically are you trying to check in the file ?

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                        Monoj Padhy

                        Not sure ....but probably they (Client) are looking to deal with specific line entries(reading a particular line or change) in the syslog configuration file, which I think can be possible by the extended object. Also parsing the content of the configuration file would be an added advantage in case of EO.


                        Can you also brief pros and cons of compliance using EO Vs compliance using built-in condition ?




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                          Bill Robinson

                          This is exactly what the config file objects are for - parsing configuration files.  so you setup the syslog.conf config file in blade, and you use the compliance conditons to iterate over the lines in the file and test for whatever you need to test for.  and then you can tie a remediation to the rule(s) that would push out just the line that needs to be fixed.  there is no reason to use an EO...

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