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    BSA Virtualisation - how to set a custom MAC Address

    Sorin Gancea



      I have a customer that is setting custom MAC Addresses to network cards for each new virtual machine. The reason for this manual assignment of MAC address is that they have 2 vCenters running and they want to avoid getting 2 identical MAC addresses for theit provisioned VMs.


      Using BSA virtualisation I was able to create a VGP package and a correspondent VGJ job, all worked fine, the virtual server was created.


      What I couldn't find was a way to assign a custom value for each MAC address, in XML files.


      I'm talking about SUSE 11 guest operating system, in the near future this will be valid also for WIndows virtual machines.


      Is there a way to configure a custom MAC address when virtualisation is used?


      If the answer is yes, how to do this?


      Many thanks,