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    Linux Service Discovery / Deployment..

      Hi All,


      I need to discover the specific service on list of Linux servers and install the service on missing server.


      could you please help me, how it can be achieved through BSA 8.5 ..?




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          Bill Robinson

          I think this can be moved to the BSA product community..




          - create a blpackage that deploys the service.

          - create a component template and rules in the template that check to see if the service is there.  set the remediation of the rule to the blpackage you created

          - setup the discovery conditions on the template such that a component would be created on any server that should have the service installed (like OS = Linux or something, the discovery condtion should not be that the service is missing)

          - run a discovery job

          - run a compliance job

          - remediate the servers that are missing the service.

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            Yanick Girouard

            Services on Linux are not all configured the same way, and don't all come from the same type of source, so your question is rather broad. Which service(s) are you looking to remediate exactly? In my opinion this would really be a case by case situation. Some may be better suited to be installed via a NSH Script Job depending on the amount of post-commands to run for the server's configuration, some could be a simple File Deploy job where you push a RPM and then use the post-commands to enable the service, copy its config file in /etc and start it. Others could be like Bill suggested; blpackages.