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    Requests are not visible on Request Entry page.

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      Hi ,

      Requests are not visible on Request Entry page.User has all required permissions and functional roles and has access to required company and groups. But still the SR's are not visible in Submitted Requests table on Request entry console.

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          Can you give us more informaiton on your issue because I'm not sure to well understand.


          1. Does your user see nothing in the portal (i.e.: not see Categories and Service Request) or
          2. does he have not ability to follow his requests?


          To be sure he has the right visibility, for case 1, I suggest you to verify service request he has access to using Entitlement Console.


          Way to do it:

          1. Connect to the application with SRM Administrator or Entitlemnet Management Right
          2. Application Administraiton Console
          3. Custom
          4. Service Request Management,
          5. Entitlement / Entitlement Management,
          6. Other Functions
          7. User Validation



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            Pramod Devkate

            Is this for one user or all, If for one I will suggest to delete his people profile and again create and assign all permission he has previously.

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              If I understand correctly, this user can submit requests ok, but once submitted, they can't see them via the request entry console?


              Have they changed login ID at all? One cause I could think of is that the requests will be associated by login ID, and so any change would leave them orphaned without an owner, and hence not visible.


              If you have 'on behalf of' enabled, can you request on behalf of this person and see their submitted requests?


              You haven't said what version and style your using (On demand v On Premise). If they're accessing via the Mid-Tier, perhaps a cache flush, and clear their Browser Cache as well, that can solve a multitude of sins.