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    Intelligent Ticketing packaging

    Carey Walker
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      First post here - seeking some clarification around how the 'old' iBRSD and Intelligent Ticketing (ITKT, my new acronym) inter-relate. ITKT V2.0 is described as a patch but we are getting conflicting advice as to whether ITKT V2.0 is a full iBRSD + ITKT bundle, or whether we need iBRSD in place first, and then 'patch' that to get the full ITKT functionality. The ITKT communities page lists BPPM 8.6 SP4 and above PLUS iBRSD extensions as a prerequisite, so it sounds like ITKT really is additional to the base functionality of iBRSD.


      Putting it a different way, if I go to EPD and download ITKT V2.0 (assuming it exists there under that name) am I getting the full iBRSD + ITKT or is the assumption that I already have iBRSD implemented and the download is literally a patch extension the the core iBRSD?



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          Darius Wallace

          For the versions of BPPM after BPPM 8.6 SP4 up to (but not including) 9.5, you will need to install the iBRSD Extensions and then apply the IT2.0.x patch. However, for BPPM 9.5 we rolled IT2.0 into the base product and is built into the iBRSD Extensions install. So no additional patch is needed on the BPPM 9.5 side for IT2.0.


          Depending on what version of ITSM you're running, the same applies. For ITSM versions 7.6.04 SP4 you will need to apply the IT2.0.0 and for 8.1 you will need the IT2.0.1 patch. We do not support IT2.0 with ITSM 8.0. For ITSM 8.1 SP1 IT2.0.x has been rolled into the base product.


          So if you have ITSM 8.1 SP1 and BPPM 9.5, Intelligent Ticketing 2.0 is baked in and just works out of the box after following all the install steps.


          Does that help/make sense?

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            Carey Walker

            Thanks Darius, clear and good news! Is there ANY way we can run with IT2.x and ITSM 7.6.04 SP1?? (Yeh I know, why haven't we upgraded to SP4?).


            Just think out loud - how much IT2.x depends on the SP1->SP4 updates?

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              Darius Wallace

              Unfortunately, there is a dependency on ITSM SP4. There are sufficient differences between the SP1 and SP4 that establish that IT2.0 will be issues with SP1. In addition, there has been no testing and validation that IT2.0 will work with any version of ITSM prior to 7.6.04 SP4. However, the pre-IT2.0 functionality of Intelligent Ticketing should work with SP1 if the goal is to just get basic tickets created from BPPM managed events. You may have to make some config changes on the BPPM side if you're working with BPPM 9.5, but otherwise pre-IT2.0 functionality should be available for ITSM SP1.

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                Carey Walker

                Thanks again. We're mid-stream our BPPM 9.5 upgrade, so had hoped to be able to use IT2, however our ITSM environment won't be past 7.6.04 SP4 (we're also upgrading Remedy to 8.1) till late in the year and we need to deliver some basic auto-ticketing well before that, so will run with the original iBRSD.


                From your notes, I'm now concerned that we will be on BPPM 9.5 before the Remedy upgrade completes and hence still using the original iBRSD with 9.5. Ar ethe types of BPPM-side adjustments you are talking about fairly straightforward or is this going to be a major support issue? Do we need to start working with Support now to prepare for this requirement?


                PS Seems BPPM 9.0 is OK with the original iBRSD but the product compatibility details haven't been updated for BPPM 9.5 as far as I can see?

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                  Darius Wallace

                  Quick clarifying question... Are you currently on 7.6.04 SP4? If so then IT2.0 is supported. IT2.0 not only works for BPPM 9.5, the BPPM specific IT2.0 functionality is built into the base product. The same is true for ITSM 8.1 SP1. So if you upgrade to ITSM 8.1 SP1 and BPPM 9.5, no patch is required given the IT2.0 functionality is available out of the box for those versions.

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                    Carey Walker

                    We're on 7.6.04 SP1 for ITSM. As such we can't go to IT2.0 just yet. We can still use iBRSD but we are also upgrading BPPM to 9.5 which we hoped to have in place before our ITSM 8.1 upgrade. That 9.5 upgrade is potentially a problem if iBRSD isn't supported which seems to be the case. 

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                      Alvaro Paronuzzi

                      Hi Carey Walker, could you please share a short feedback on the outcome of your upgrade? Did you encounter problems? I have to do something similar within a couple of months.

                      Thanks in advance for sharing your experience.




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                        Carey Walker

                        Hi Al


                        Unfortunately our project got deferred due to some other priorities. It is only now restarting and we are likely to move straight to TrueSight 10 now.


                        Sorry I cannot give you any experiences of the results or issues yet, but will be able to in 2-3 months.