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    Do not use SAPGUI monitors with TM ART 4.2



      Just to save others from the same frustration I went through; there is currently a bug with TM ART 4.2 (including Service Pack 1) that results in SAPGUI monitors (perfSapGuiReplay.exe) to hog 100 % of available CPU resources (1 monitor completely uses up 1 thread). This basically means that with TM ART 4.2, you cannot utilize SAPGUI monitoring unless it's a really small scope, containing just a few monitors.


      Right now I'm in the process of wiping the entire database and starting from scratch with 4.1 (that's how you downgrade to an earlier version of TM ART, since the database schemas are different). BMC knew about this issue, but some reason they didn't find it worth their time to notify the customers of what is an extremely critical bug, but hey, maybe I can at least reach someone via this channel and save them some work.


      What's even more funny is that for TM ART 4.1, I discovered a bug that causes this exact behavior when the Temp directory fills up and there is no disk space left (SAPGUI monitors constantly create files to C:\Temp and there is no automated cleanup procedure). I was promised that the issue will be fixed for version 4.2, but guess what - now the issue is there all the time, even if there is disk space available. So it just got from bad to worse, great job I'll say!


      Then again, maybe I'm the only one who even uses TM ART for SAP monitoring, so maybe it's just my problem to begin with.