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    Patching support for Windows XP Emebbed & POS Ready 2009

    Tom Rosenkranz



      This is not so much of a question as it is a possible notification, and an attempt to get some advice. This is directly related to Server Automation.


      We have a large retail customer that submitted a query to see if BMC, through Shavlik, will continue to provide patches for both Embedded, EOL January 2016, and POS Ready 2009, EOL 2019. We opened a ticket with support who said that BMC is working with Shavlik, who in turn is working with Microsoft, to get more information. No doubt this could turn out to be a lengthy process. We are desiring to provide the best support for our customer and we are not comfortable with asking them to wait indefinetly to hear from BMC or Shavlik.


      I imagine there are other BSA users that are facing this issue. So I am wondering if the communities would be a good place to get an update on this, much like you are already doing with the OS Patching Vendor Health Dashboard. OS Patching Vendor Health Dashboard