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    Old version of SO UnixUser and UnixGroups are pushed

    Johannes Richter

      Hi Community,


      We have a really strange error in our environment. All of a sudden for all new provisioned physical RHEL servers old versions of the Server Objects UnixUser and UnixGroups are pushed to the agent while deploying them (PXE boot deployment).

      Because of that our post-deployment BLPackages (e.g. to create new users) fail:

      Failed to initialize DAAL Asset class with PATH=/a512828 class="BMC_UnixUser" ERROR(117 Version mismatch for type BMC_UnixUser, expected version 82030000, but found version 82010000.


      This was working two weeks ago and there was no update or something similar performed. I'm also not aware about somebody changed the agent installables in the pxestore.


      How could that happen? And how can I resolve it? And where is it determined which version of a Server Object to push?




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