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    Utility for migrating custom reports in BDSSA 8.3 SP3?

    Namdeo Patil



      We have upgraded BSA and BDSSA to 8.3 SP3, and now looking for migrate custom reports.

      Downloaded "BDSSA83-SP3-Report_Migration_Utility" from BMC EPD but It contains "ReportMigration82.nsh" utility for custom reports migration however below link saying, need to execute "nsh ReportMigration83.nsh"




      Please confirm which utility have to use for custom reports migration in bdssa 8.3 SP3?


      ReportMigration82.nsh is available Under 8.3 SP3 in BMC EPD and

      ReportMigration83.nsh is available under 8.3 SP2 in BMC EPD,




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          Namdeo Patil

          Tried w/ both the scripts but still reports are not migrating to 8.3 SP3.

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            Isaac Matta

            Did you check the "CustomerAnalysisReports.csv" file where it contains the old Report Layer reference and new modified/updated Report Layer References?

            We only change default reports, not custom reports.




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              Namdeo Patil

              Thanks Isaac,


              I think, this utility is for migrate old custom reports to new one.





              Not sure how to read this file for check columns that are removed during the migration activity.



              There is nothing in the migrationResult.csv file except below line:


              ReportName,SearchPath,Query items count,Removed count.


              This is an o/p from cmd line:


              xxxxxxx% nsh ReportMigration83.nsh

              Starting Analysis Utility

              Please select any of the following options


              (1)  Migrate a particular REPORT/FOLDER/PACKAGE


              (2)  Migrate entire content store


              (3)  EXIT

              enter your option:


              Enter the name of the content store element to migrate:

              1_Detailed report

              Reports Analysis in progress...

              Successfully created analysis file: "customerReportsAnalysis.csv" in CSV format....

              Analysis file stored at location : D:\Program Files\BMC Software\BladeLogic\8.1\Reports/ReportMigrationUtility

              Successfully completed Reports analysis

              Starting Migration Utility

              Report Migration in progress...

              WARNING:: There are more than one " 1_Detailed report".

              If you wish to migrate all, then enter 'Y'.


              If you do not wish to migrate all then::

              (Step 1) Exit the utility by entering 'N'.

              (Step 2) Rename the element you wish to migrate and

              (Step 3) Run the Report_Migration utility again.




              Completed migration utility


              Total reports found: 2

              Total reports migrated: 2

              Total reports not changed: 0

              Total reports failed to migrate: 0

              Please see $BLREPORTS_HOME/logs/migration.log file for more detail...



              Please let me know if I missing anything here.




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                Sathish Kanth Swarna



                I remember we have seen a similar situation with BDSSA 8.3 Report Migration utility script. Bascialy 82 report migration script is used even in 8.3, but its just name of the script need to be changed in 8.3. This was fixed in 8.3SP2, but looks like it got re-occured in 8.3Sp3. This is something need to be corrected.


                As per the utility run commands, looks like the migration got completed sucessfully but something to do with your custom report. As you have filed an ticket will work with in the ticket.