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    Reset the administrator's password in FootPrints 11.x or prior

    Robert Accardi
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      When using some external authentication method, it's sometimes necessary to know what your administrator's internal FootPrints password is. For instance, if you are using Web Authentication and you want to call FootPrints' web services, then you need to pass FootPrints internal authentication credentials. Or, if you want to switch the system to FootPrints Internal Authentication even temporarily, you will be prompted for your FootPrints Internal password before you can do so.

      Here is a procedure you can follow to set the administrator's FootPrints Internal password.

      1. With web authentication still enabled, add a new unique customer account

      2. Go to the edit customer page on Administration > Workspace > Edit Customers

      3. Select the new customer and change their password. This new password will later be used for the administrator.

      4. Run the query to set the admin's password to the same as the new customer's:

      UPDATE users set password = (SELECT password FROM users WHERE user_id = 'temp_customer') WHERE user_id = 'admin'

      5.  Delete the customer account.

      Rob Accardi

      RightStar Systems