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    AIX patch analysis job using group

    Don Kim


      I am on a new project. I am looking at a patch analysis job for AIX in 8.3. When the job is set using "list" (analysis option), it gives me the option to include and exclude defined patch software. There are issues where includes and excludes does not always work as expected so looking for another alternative. The 8.3 Documentation states "only excludes work on the fileset level" so I am trying to develop logic that will work. In particular, there is a service pack (smart group where aix container = aix update type=sp) needs to be included. I tried the "group" option, but then it greys out the includes and excludes options making them unavailable. Same as BLAdmin. I want to reference the patch catalog and filter/add to that catalog. I can break out groups so I can get everything I need using only includes, but I wanted to see if there a better way. So two questions:


      1. When selecting group option in the analysis job, is it expected to have the include and exclude options greyed out?

      2. As far as adding the additional software, are there other methods for including service packs? or can this be structured through a filter at the catalog level?


      Thanks in advance for your responses.