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    Patch Deployment Job is Successful but in actual Patch is not installed

    Girish Tapare



      I have created patch analysis job for windows & deployed patches as well. Patch deployment job shows success & even I have checked bldeploy job result I see all the patches were deployed successfully. But in actual one patch(i.e. Q2917500/KB2917500) is not installed, I have run following patch analysis command manually on server to show patch status,


      nexec -e "C:\\Program Files\\BMC Software\\BladeLogic\\8.0\\RSCD\\sbin\\BLPatchCheck2.exe" 0 -pt 4 -s hf7b.xml results.xml


      result.xml show Q2917500/KB2917500 is successfully installed but I don’t see them on server. I have run following command on server to list all installed patches,


      wmic qfe get HotFixID,InstalledOn


      But I don’t find KB2917500 patch number in installed patch list. PFA logs for your reference.


      BSA Version : 8.2 SP4


      Thanks in advance.