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    EO and Grammer file for blasadmin output

    Steffen Kreis



      i'm currently creating a Compliance Template for our BSA infrastructure.

      One think i'm currently looking into is an Extended Object that shows me all the blasadmin settings for every deployment.


      I was wondering if anybody has done the same before ?

      So what i think i need is an EO and a grammar file for the blasadmin output



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          Bill Robinson

          blasadmin -s <instance> show all | sed "s/:/=/1"


          w/ the ini grammar should do it.  (just replace the first : w/  =)


          i've been trying to f ind time to work on an appserver compliance template - basically:

          - EO for the above for blasadmin settings, for each instance, so you can do an audit/compliance against each JOB, ALL, CONFIG, etc separately

          - md5sum check of the bladelogic.keystore across all deployments/appservers (maybe better to do an EO do dump the cert and compare since i have run into a situation where the md5sum on the keystore was identical but the certs in the keystore were not)

          - md5sum check of the sqlmap.properties

          - the discovery looks for the directory name under 'deployments' (instance name) so you would get multiple components - 1 per instance - on each box

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            Drew Trachy

            Did you ever get around to building this CT?