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    vCenter Server Object  Upgrade

    Edwin Lindeman

      Got scenario question and just looking for some feedback on.


      Have a BSA lab environment and production environment. Currently on 8.2 and moving to 8.3.  We want to upgrade the BSA Lab Environment to 8.3 before upgrading the BSA Prod Servers.


      We manage and do some provisioning against vmware vCenter. The vCenter itself is segregated so when we provision in the BSA Lab it only builds VMs in certain datastores/esx and it also allows us to Provision in the BSA Prod environment to certain datastores/esx...etc.


      Anyhow if we upgrade the BSA components we use in our LAB/DEV environment we also want to upgrade the agent on the vcenter to 8.3.


      If we upgrade the vcenter agent to 8.3 and our BSA Prod environment will be on 8.2 for a few days what kind of things will i see if I try to connect from an 8.2 Application Server to an 8.3 agent that uses the vcenter CO?


      Any insight would be helpful and hopefully what I was trying to relay above her made sense.


      Best Regards