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    Unreleased Commands as AppServer Settings

      Have couple of questions on unreleased commands support in platform:

      1. Is there any specific Application Server setting through which Application Server Admin (BLASAdmin) can control the settings to various RBAC Roles for allowing use of Unreleased commands (through performance commands)?

      2. Is it that any RBAC Role if it is granted NSH Authorizations (Commands), they will be able to use unreleased commands by default out of box?

      I did see the post by Bill - Unreleased blcli commands and documentation explaining unreleased commands, but wanted to know if this can be controlled through Administrative settings.

      3. If there is any BBSA upgrade, are the unreleased commands backward compatible


      We essentially want to restrict various teams using different unreleased commands so that later (may be) we do not have an issue in upgrading / getting support...

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          Bill Robinson

          1 - no.  rbac still limits what objects you can act on, so if you are trying to run blcli (released or not) against a job and you don't have any perms on the job, you won't be able to alter the object.

          2 - Command authorizations have nothing to do w/ the blcli.  they only control nsh command execution.  blcli is not nsh.  there is no way to control access to the unreleased commands via rbac.

          3 - not guarenteed, as mentioned in the post you referenced.


          if you don't want people to use them, tell them not to use them, or atleast explain the risk of using them.  if you start creating a lot of unreleased command sequences, start creating ideas for them so we can consider making released commands out of them.

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            thanks bill for clarifications...