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    VM Provisioning - Agent?

    Mark Casey

      Recently, we've upgraded to BSA 8.5 to take advantage of the new features, one of which is the VM Guest Package Post Batch Job. 


      I've deployed a template, and everything came up as expected.  I figured a couple things out along the way, but my last remaining question being, do I need to install the RSCD Agent on the template before deploying it?  We haven't done that in the past, when using vCenter to deploy the templates and I was wondering if it would cause any issues?  Is that the only way to have the new VM show up in the BSA console?




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          Sean Berry

          I’d recommend it.

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            Mark Casey

            Hey Sean, thanks for the reply.  I updated my template with the agent, and now I'm running into a new problem.  After I run my virtual guest job, I'm trying to run our batch job to configure things on it, and it's failing, and then deleting the VM. I know why it's deleting the VM, cause I set it to roll back the deployment if the job failed...


            But the problem is my failure, I don't know what to make of it. It doesn't seem to like some of the custom properties we have setup for the servers. See photo...



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              Bill Robinson

              OS and OS_PLATFORM will be populated if the target is imported into bsa properly.  can the appserver resolve the hostname of the new vm ?  in the template, did you install the agent version that matches the appserver version ?


              if you tell the job not to delete if the job fails, do you see the server registered in bsa w/ the proper os icon and can you live browse it ?

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                Mark Casey

                Well, I took the post deploy job out, and also unchecked the rollback on failure.  The VM comes into vCenter, assigns the IP address, but I can't see it in the BSA console.


                The agent is installed, and it's the same version as the application server.



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                  Mark Casey

                  Well, this is just weird...


                  I went through the logs on the client, and saw some errors about the mapping to the local admin user and the RSCD agent user.  It seemed like it was trying to map it to the Administrator account on the local machine, but doing so after the OS had been customized and changed the name of the computer to something else, so it was failing.


                  I went back into my template, converted to VM, stopped the RSCD service, removed the RSCD user, deleted that user's profile folders and shut the server down and converted it back to a template.


                  I then re-ran the job after removing the test VM and any remaining items from the OMDB. I had since gone into the VGP and removed both the roll-back on failure and the post deploy job, as discussed before, but when I ran the job this time, it went right into the post deploy job and starting working.  No failures so far.


                  But here is the weird part, I go back into the VGP and look under the Post VM Creation Configuration tab, and the Run Batch Job Post VM Creation is unchecked. And to muddy it even more, the deploy job is waiting for the batch job to complete, which isn't even an available option, because it's not supposed to be running the batch job in the first place.


                  As I'm typing this, it just failed out on the very last step, which was to set a custom property from false to true, which isn't a huge deal, but the error was cd: login not allowed for user: //servername/

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                    Bill Robinson

                    The user mapping is in the /C/WINDOWS/rsc/exports, users and users.local.    is there a mapping entry to ‘Administrator’ in those files?

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                      Mark Casey

                      There is a mapping to Administrator in the exports file, but that's it.  I think I may move to a parameterized Admin account in the server config.

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                        Joe Piotrowski

                        Is it still recommended to stop the RSCD service and delete the local BladeLogicRSCD user to prep the VM template?