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    Questions about a Web browser-driven (AJAX) workflow type transaction


      I have a few questions about a TMART Workbench transaction that consists of multiple different users logging into Exchange web mail.  I am using to create this transaction a Web browser-driven (AJAX) workflow type:

      1. What is the best way to store a list of users and encrypted passwords?
      2. What is the best way to present the user/pass list to Central, so we can update the user/pass list from there?
      3. What is the best way to run the test x number of times without having to copy/paste the transaction inside the script?
      4. Is it possible to determine a breach of SLA when at least one or more login’s fail?  For example: my transaction needs to run 10 Exchange logins sequentially, if 2 out of 10 as example fail, then report failure for the entire transaction.
      5. Is it possible to re-run a failed attempt?  Using the example above: if I need to run the script 10 times sequentially and it fail as an example on the 3rd time, can I re-run the 3rd time before moving on to the 4th run?