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    Rename Administrator

    Robert Stinnett

      Ok this is driving me batty.  I don't see why this has to be this hard.


      Part of our security practice is to rename the Administrator account on WIndows servers.


      Provisioning job called a post-provision batch job that has the rename action in there, followed by an immediate ACL push.  The provision job itself is not doing an ACL push.


      Box provisions, post-provision batch job runs, and everything blows up because it is using the AP mapping which has the new administrator account which of course doesn't exist yet.


      1) I thought the users, users.local contained the mappings -- why is it using the AP at this point?

      2) What's the best practice here.  Do we need an AP mapped at all?


      Any help would be appreciated.  This has taken way too long to resolve.