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    Locator Spy not able to identify a component

    Flavio Bonacordi

      I'm using an AJAX project to record some actions in a website.


      I record everything fine but and I replay that... I got an error... and I just notice that a item is not been "clicked" because it's belong no another menu option. I was trying create a BrowserClick input manually into my code when I realize that Locator Spy is not able to Identify the locator. That explain a lot why it is not able to click while replaing.


      None of the HOME / SPIKE / T&E PCARD / Requisitioning have the LOCATOR identified when we press PAUSE/BREAK



      But all the other option in the webpage have a Locator:



      Is there any function that I could click in a certain region of a page giving parameters like pixels coordinates?

      Is there any other way to capture the Locator for that component?