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    BSA 8.5 Server Provisioning without DHCP

    Mark Casey

      Hey guys,


      I found the BSA 8.2 write-up on how to run through provisioning Windows without DHCP.  I tried relating all that information to the 8.5 version, but I'm not able to get it working.


      Is it even possible to provision Windows without DHCP in BSA 8.5?


      If it is possible, what is your recommendation on how to get started?  I thought I setup everything correctly, but when I boot up my test VM, I'm getting Error in Comm Read 2.  Interesting note, during my boot .iso creation, when it went to inject the driver for the VMXNET3 nic, it said it didn't have any network settings, so it didn't inject the driver.  Am I correct in assuming the reason I'm getting a comm failure is because it can't find the nic?


      If so, if I'm supplying my own network details once the ISO boots, where do I put the network configuration so it injects that driver?