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    BladeLogicRSCD local user not created during installation

    Ray Ward

      We have an agent that on start-up has the following error in the rscdsvc.log


      INFO     rscdsvc - HandleAgentStart: Agent process started ("C:\Program Files\BMC Software\BladeLogic\8.1\RSCD/RSCD.exe" -r -R)

      ERROR    rscdsvc -  UKBPRDINFTS1 10928 SYSTEM (???): ???: ACNP_Open: No Agent Control Pipe detected, Service manager cannot control agent: The system cannot find the file specified. 

      ERROR    rscdsvc - HandleAgentStart: Agent process may have failed to start, Check for Agent hung processes or Agent resources still in use, consier reboot

      ERROR    rscdsvc - ManageAgent: Agent down hard thread(23853728)


      I have obviously checked for existing processes running and anything open on that port - none of which currently exist


      I have completely removed the existing agent - version 8.0 and install 8.1 SP3

      During installation it stated that my session was in "EXECUTE" mode, so a quick change to "INSTALL"


      When attempting an agent verify from the BL console I get connection refused


      Ultimately I can see that the local user BladeLogicRSCD is not created and suspect that may be the cause?

      Not all of the standard files were created in the C:\Windows\rsc folder, such as log4crc.txt

      so on first start even the log file was not created


      I had to manually create this file to get the logs

      The server has UAC enabled

      I have also checked the LSA audit settings and they are not defined


      Does anyone know where the install log is created, in case that either states the "create user" command so I can try it manually or may point me to the problem?