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    Upgrading AIX RSCD from version 7.6 using the native installer

    Chad Johnson

      I need to upgrade the AIX RSCD agent on a large number of servers from 7.6 to 8.3.  Per the documentation you cannot upgrade in this manner.  In addition, I want to use the native installer opposed to the .sh installer (for software accountability via OS tools).


      From what I can tell, the best method is to use the /usr/nsh/Uninstall program then re-install with the 8.3 bf file (via the native installer).


      I have a couple questions on this:


      1.  Can the Uninstall program be run silently / non-interactively?  I cannot find documents on it's use.


      2.  Are there other suggested methods for upgrading 7.6 -> 8.3 agents on AIX?