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    How do I add menu items to AST:* forms?

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      Hey guys,


      I am not sure of the terminology, but how does someone add menu items on the left side of forms like AST:ComputerSystem and AST:BusinessService under "Functions" or maybe even "Advanced Functions"?


      Take a look at the screenshot below on where I would like to be able to place it:



      I basically want to put a menu item so I can apply an Active Link that goes to a Display Only form we have that relates to this class of item.


      Better yet, since we have the exact same behavior in every form, a single method to add to the menu across all forms would be better, if such a beast exists.


      Any thoughts?

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          Vignesh Nadar

          1) Add the Field with Menu in the Base form (BMC.CORE:BMC_*)

          2) Once addedd successfully, open the AST form in the Dev Studio

          3) Add the Field to the View for the AST form

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            I don't understand. When I look in the BMC.CORE:BMC_ComputerSystem I don't see any reference to the "Functions" menu that I can add a menuitem to.


            What am I missing here?

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              Vignesh Nadar

              Oops! I am sorry. I misread your original post. I see that you want a New Link in the Navigation Menu.


              1) Open "AST:ComputerSystem" form in Dev Studio

              2) Right Click on the Navigation Menu and Click "Edit Menu / Navigation Items..."

              3) Add the New Item under "Functions"



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                Ya, I tried that earlier thinking that was the case, but even as an administrator I couldn't edit it. "Add Item" is grayed out. I even tried creating an overlay for the nav panel first... but that didn't help.



                I do notice in your example, yours is available. Is there something special that has to be done to the form first to enable the menu editing?

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                  Jason Miller

                  I am thinking you want to add it to the AST: forms not the BMC.CORE: forms.  The BMC.CORE forms are the data layer; just the CMDB.  The AST forms are built upon the CMDB form and utilize much of the CMDB data as while adding Asset Management capabilities (lifecycle status, location, who supports it, contracts, etc).  There are a number of BMC products that use the Remedy CMDB even if the customer doesn't use Remedy for ITSM.  Asset Management is the ITSM layer for users (more or less).


                  So to add the menu option to the the vertical navigation field 'z2NF_SecondaryNavigation' <301626400> you'll right click (after making all of the appropriate overlays of course) and select 'Edit Menu / Navigation Items'.  In the dialog that pops up you can add/change menus.  You can also use the Outline editor to select fields and change values in the properties editor (notice the 3 editors are linked as you click around, well mostly linked).




                  Now here is the fun part.  For years there has been a bit of an issue where adding/moving a menu item is complicated.  Sometimes you can't see it in Dev Studio but it is there.  Sometimes it will show in the User Tool or Mid Tier and not in Dev Studio.  Sometimes it is very difficult to put a menu item right where you want it because where you put it in the Edit Navigation Items dialog isn't where you'll see it in the client.


                  So now for adding the field to all AST: forms, well that is a bit more fun... Your options are to:

                  1. Open each form and add it
                  2. Create a Java api program to create it on each form
                  3. Create a driver.exe script to create it on each form (https://docs.bmc.com/docs/display/public/ars81/Using+the+driver+program)


                  Remember to keep the same field ID on each form.


                  Once the field is on all of the forms you want to add it to it is easy to associate the Active Link with multiple forms at one time in Dev Studio.

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                    This was just my idiocy... I didn't have the view overlay properly saved first.