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    BSA 8.x: procedure to add extense Compliance Rules to a Component Template using BLCLI

      I've been looking into the unreleased blcli commands document and I've found this one:

      blcli_execute Template addRuleWithServerObjectCondition $groupName $templateName $ruleGrpName $ruleName $description $refNumber $isCommentedOut $notes $operatorOnCondition $type $path $cardinaryOption $asserAttributeName $operator $attributeValue

      Where every variable type is 'String'.


      For example, we can see that the result of an execution of the previous command as shown:

      blcli_execute Template addRuleWithServerObjectCondition "/group1" "ct1" "rg1" "r1" "description" "refNumber" false "notes" "NOT" "File" "/C/tmp/aaa.txt" "MUST EXIST" "NAME" "equals" "abc"

      Creates a compliance rule in the desired template like this: (example proposed by wali NameToUpdate )

      NOT ("File:/C/tmp/aaa.txt".Name = "abc")


      However, I need to add conditions like foreach loops, if...then ones, etc


      Does anybody know the procedure to create an extense rule or to expand an existing one?