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    Patch utility windows_downloader.bat downloads cab files not xml files.

      we are using BL 8.3 SP1.


      In BL User Guide followings lines are mentioned:

      Patch Downloader utility for Microsoft Windows

      The Patch Downloader utility for Microsoft Windows, provided by BMC, uses a configuration file and downloads

      the following files:

      Patch Signature Information file: hfnetchk6b.xml

      Information file: pd5.xml

      The Patch Downloader is: windows_downloader.bat


      We are using Offline Patching...and downloading patches with help of "windows_downloader.bat", but it downloads hf7.cab and pd5.cab files not xmls files.


      Do we need to modify the "windows_downloader.bat" script to download the xml files.


      In our Patch Global Configuration - > we have pointed to Offline Shavlik cab files.