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    TM ART 4.1 to BPPM 8.6 EVENT Integration

      We have many URL and synthetic transaction monitors to stand up in TM ART and we have ported these from another vendors tool.  The internal customers are used to having their transactions run something like this:  "Run my transaction every 3 minutes and alert at Critical if it fails to execute 3 consecutive times".


      We found that with the TM ART "Data Integration" that we do not have the control to alert as we would like - and so I am rapidly attempting to deploy the "BIM Essential" event based integration.  This was a neat option and today I built a dedicated cell for TM ART (named tmart_na), installed IIWS on the same system as this cell - placed the key files from the integration (a single baroc and mrl file) into the locations indicated in the Getting Started and Integrations Guide. Also loaded the "sep" file into the TM ART database as the book indicated.


      The good news - I was able to get a message from end to end - so after telling my test transaction to use the new integration, and creating a failure on the web front end - I received a message in BPPM. Hurray! That is amazing progress. 


      The 'bad news' - I see 11 "bad slots" and "bad slot values" in BPPM.  It seems that I am missing an intelligent mapping of TM ART fields to the appropriate 'event fields'.  I see references to a file called "artevent.conf" that was not in the integration.zip file I downloaded from the EPD and is not present on my TMART system or the new cell/iiws node I built. Since TM ART only began using IIWS with 3.9 I am also wondering if the artevent.conf is for use in environments prior to 3.9 and if perhaps I should have some kind of definition in the iiws.selector file.  Whatever the cause I appear to be stuck and would appreciate any insight or help in jumping this last hurdle.


      Last but not least - other posts have led me to believe that mc_object, mc_object_class are not populated by this integration and other reverse issues like the TM ART location is not populated in the event that goes to BPPM. So, whatever the event mapping mechanism looks like I need a source of reference! We are pretty desperate to get our enterprise web monitoring solution cut over to the BMC tool - all help appreciated.


      Many Thanks - Eva

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          One small update - I have located the elusive "ARTEvent.conf" - you must rename the "BIM_Essential.sep" file to BIM_Essential.zip, then drill into the zip file where you now see the ARTEvent.conf file - make whatever change (working on that now) then save it and rename it back to the .sep extension....and lastly update this in the database using the process that was done to initially populate this data into the database.


          I'm sure someone thought this was a straight forward, standard approach - thought I'd share given it has taken a couple of hours of searching to reveal the detail.

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            Hal DeVore



            Is the needed information in the documentation?  I've not worked with this integration or reviewed the documentation.



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              Hi Hal -


              Not exactly covered.  The high level steps were in the Getting Started and Integrations Guide - but the details that really help you (like knowing the location of that artevent.conf) are just not covered well.  There is a copy of a ARTEvent.conf in the manual that is helping - but it also appears you can select ART_EVENT or ART_NORMALIZED_EVENT classes (the default .baroc file provided uses ART_EVENT) - the "Normalized" version appears that it might contain better mappings but where to get that file remains a mystery.  I'll post more if/as it becomes available.

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                This morning I was able to identify and resolve the last 'large' obstacle.  Yesterday's work on the integration between TM ART and BPPM reached the point where an event was getting from end to end - but there were 11 'bad slots' and 'bad slot values'.  Today I noticed in BPPM that by "Class" it said "cell undefined class".  I checked our enrichment tier cells and the art_event was commented out of the .load file.  By adding that back in, recompiling and restarting our enrichment tier the 'bad slot' messages went away.


                So - an error free integration now.  The more subtle items like why this integration does not populate mc_object and mc_object class - and the various posts about why TM ART "Location" seems to be tough to get through to BPPM will be my next steps - but for now - I am happy to report PROBLEM SOLVED!