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    Red Hat Patch Catalog

      We are running BSA


      When I attempt to setup a Red Hat patch catalog it fails.


      I then received the following e-mail from Red Hat.


      We have found that your login ID has reached a disruptive amount of Red Hat Single Sign On (SSO) attempts to Red Hat
      Network. We are not sure if this is due to an automated application in production, but its is putting a large load on our SSO application. Because this is impacting other customers, Red Hat was forced to deactivate login until the automated application(s) has been disabled. Please notify us once the applications have been disabled so we can re-activate this login ID. If those are valid scripts, please be sure to enable the LOGOUT button in the script. Please contact us if you are not aware of any automated scripts in your account.


      Is there a patch for this or is this fixed in later versions of BSA?



      Mike Buckley