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    Assignee Column Grid

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      When will agents in Service Core be able to sort the "Assignees" column of the home page grid?

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          I'm not sure yet.  I would like to ask you a few questions which would possibly help scope the issue better.


          1. What kind of task do you need to accomplish that can't be achieved with filtering,that you feel sorting would be a better option?  Describe the use case(s) if you could.
          2. How do you propose sorting on something that has multiple values? (A Team and an Agent, 3 Agents, etc.)  ALways sort by the 1st thing as it is saved, always sort by whatever would be first alphabetically out of the multiple assignees, repeat rows so they would appear multiple times and throw off the counts, something else?
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            We have 40 agents and growing for the service desk workspace and about 10 teams. When ever we want to see how many assignments are assigned to one agent we have to manually scroll to locate the agent and then scroll up to the top to apply the filter in the assignee column.  I think its the fact is that is the only column that cannot be sorted. I guess we are use to Track-IT where the technician assigned field can be sorted rather it is agents or teams.

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              There is a similar idea posted: sorting searches by assignee

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                I am somewhat taken about by the reply.  I'd ask, instead, if you can sort all the other columns alphabetically, why on Earth not make the feature available for this one column?


                At its most basic level, it's a matter of interface consistency. Columns can be sorted alphabetically, period. Either they all can, or none.  Enabling the feature for some columns but not other, without a very good logical or functional reason simply does not make any sense.


                It is not a question that I get all the time, but I was extremely puzzled and surprised today when a customer showed me how (and why) she wanted to quickly sort the assignees column alphabetically, and it simply could not be done.


                So it is my opinion and suggestion that for the sake of good design and consistency, if nothing else, the capacity to sort alphabetically should be available to all columns that are visible in the grid.

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                  Alejandro Araujo   I don't think it is a good idea to add things to the product for consistencies sake alone if they don't provide value, and even worse would cause more problems then they would solve.  This column is extremely unique and would likely have to provide multiple ways to sort to provide any value.  First there is the fact that it can store multiple values.  This alone is a challenge.   If there are multiple values, which do you sort on?  Let's say you sort on the 1st value and treat all the values together as 1 giant value.  That is likely the simplest decision, but not the only that could be made.  Let's say that is the decision that is made.  How do you decide how to store this value in the 1st place?  Is it based on the order the user selected the multiple values, the order as they appear as being available to be selected, or always alphabetical regardless of what order they appear in or what order the user selects them.  So if I have 3 choices: b-choice, c-choice, and a-choice available, I think of 3 different ways to store those in order to create 1 giant value when all 3 are selected, thus resulting in 3 different orders when the sort actually occurs.


                  That was only the start of the discussion on how to sort things that have multiple values, not even something unique to the Assignee column.  With the assignee column, we have to contend with first names, last names, and team names.  Different people will have an opinion on how to sort for each one of those even if there was only 1 value in the field.  How do you sort: Bill Smith, Hardware.Don Cholish, Don Cholish, and Hardware.Bill Smith?

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                    Thanks for the prompt answer, Don.


                    I admit I did not think through the fact that there could be several different values in different orders in that field.


                    After thinking about it for a bit, I am unable to come up with a simple suggestion. Based on what you say, the issue has been discussed, probably at some length, so I'll consider myself satisfied with the answer unless I can come up with a useful ideal.


                    I will leave the question up, as I think the explanation provided by you is useful for others wondering the same thing.



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                      Thomas Peters

                      You could handle the sort the same, or very similar to, the way you handle it in Service Analytics. That way you would be consistent in the different areas of the product.


                      I fully understand that it is a difficult problem to solve and that everyone may not be satisfied with the solution, but some option could be allowed.