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    Send notifications when a team becomes assigned

    Robert Accardi
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      I'm working with a setup where the "Send mail to assignees" checkbox is unchecked for most of the time (its checked or unchecked state depends on incident status). We want to send notifications to a team that becomes assigned but only when they first become assigned. Effectively, what I'm looking for is a business rule that fires on an "when team becomes assigned" event and does "send notification to that team", which does not seem to be possible. It's fine if other assignees get at the same time; my main concern is getting the notification out to the team that just became assigned.

      I have some ideas involving escalations, but they are so complicated and involve so much external custom code that I don't even want to go there. So far, I'm leaning towards adding Javascript to the form that listens for an assignment change and adds the new assignee to the CC field as a 1-time CC. Anyone have any good ideas?



      Rob Accardi
      RightStar Systems