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    BladeLogic Shavlik - Version 8.0

    Bill Robinson

      if you want to use the nsh repeater then the repository location and network url for payload deployment settings will be identical and will be like //helperserver/somedir/catalogname and the url type will be 'nsh copy at staging'.  then as long as the repeater rules are setup and the 'stage indirect' is checked on the deploy job(s) you'll use the repeater.


      if you want to do the mirror thing, then assuming you have the mirroring working you would have the repository location be the //helperserver/somdir/catalogname and then the network url would be like smb://??TARGET.SMBUSER??:??TARGET.SMBPASS??/??TARGET.SMBSERVER??/share


      (or whatever the correct format of the smb url type is) - and the ??TARGET.BLAH?? are all server properties that are set on each server at your various locations and resolve to the correct settings so the target can mount the local mirror.


      also - one more thing to be aware of - the version of shavlik used in bsa 8.0 is EOL'd (there was a notification about this a year ago), so for windows patching you will need to upgrade to 8.1.05 Patch 2 or 8.2.01 or higher for Windows patching results to be current.