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    RSCD agent`s license expired

      Hello Friends,


           I had configured RSCD agent 8.1 in our environment. I was able to connect to app server and could view all the data for few days.

      But now it stopped working because of "Software not licensed " message. When I executed agentinfo hostname_of_agent command it shows Not Licensed.


      Could you please let me know what made it show such message and what to do to resolve this?




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          Bill Robinson

          8.1 and lower agents ship w/ a 10 or 14 day temporary license.  After that you need to use the getlic/putlic/autolic or appserver to license the agent.  do you have an account on the bladelogic licensing portal ?  if not I think you should contact support.  then you can use one of those utilities mentioned above to license the agent.


          Alternatively you could use bsa 8.2 or higher where we do not require licensing to be run on the agents but instead do audit checks for license compliance.