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    Work Order escalations

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      How do you handle work order escalations in your environment? I'm trying to see what the best way is to handle T-1 work orders that need to be escalated to T-2/T-3 and how this is tracked and measured. Right now, we assign the same work order from T-1 to T-2, but we lose the ability to measure how long a wo is in T-1 before assigning to T-2, the time T-2 spends on the issue, and/or assigning back to T-1 (or T-3 if issue requires further escalation). Been thinking about leveraging assignments-- The downside to this is, we now have 2 (or possibly 3) work orders for 1 issue.  Maybe there is a Track-It capability for this that I am overlooking? Any thoughts would be much appreciated!