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    Repeater Cleanup job

    Luciano Spagnuolo

      I'm trying to create/work out a repeater cleanup job for the staging directory.  So far I've read everything and it seems like the process is done using the DB cleanup script but with different parameters & values.  I have not been able to find a good example so I've tried everything I could think of, according to the BBSA guide.  Apparently I'm stuck nothing seems to work.

      I created a duplicate Recommended Databse Cleanup job and changed the parameters to use the following with no success.

      ExecutionMode : CLEAN_REPEATER
      TargetDevices: Entered the repeater name as it appears in BBSA

      MAX_MEGS: 1024



      I've also tried other things with no success.  Has anyone gotten the Repeater Cleanup to work?  I've got over a dozen repeaters in the environment to deal with.

      BBSA 8.3 SP - looking to clean the staging directory of old blpackages, remoterepository, & imported items



      Lou Spagnuolo

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          Bill Robinson

          so what happens when you run the job w/ those parameters?  do you get an error?  what's in the job run log ?

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            Luciano Spagnuolo



            Yes, invalid argument for MODE and required values eventhough they are supplied.



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              Bill Robinson

              the problem w/ this script is that you cannot have a gap in the arguments, so the last two args are being passed as arg6 and arg7, not arg8 and arg9

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                Luciano Spagnuolo

                what do you suggest for correcting this?  Do I add a dummy entery beforehand to bump them up out to 8 & 9?

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                  Bill Robinson

                  Sure – if the script doesn’t actually use any of the other values, which for the repeater cleanup bit I think it doesn’t, then just put in dummy values for the args you don’t need.

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                    Luciano Spagnuolo



                    failure above shows the size and days parameters being read correctly but fails on the target.  If I remove the target anything I put in that location causes the failure.  If I add a dummyItem than the dummyItem causes the failure.


                    Is this documented with example anywhere that I can follow?

                    Thank You

                    Lou Spagnuolo

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                      Bill Robinson

                      um...i mean for the items you had blank originally put in 'dummy' so 'objectype' and 'rolename' should have a value of 'dummy' instead of being blank.

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                        Luciano Spagnuolo



                        The correct order that seems to work (reading values) is above.  The problem is that now is fails on the DummyItem3.  If I leave it blank it fails as originally did.  If I enter something, anything if fails with that value.

                        The above displays the action: Launched BladeLogic: Repeater cleanup (shrink repeater staging dirs. to 6MB by removing files unaccessed for 3 days.


                        The command shows: Delete cleanupRepeater 9 3 6


                        Error shows: Delete cleanupRepeater 9' failed.


                        What should be in that position where the 9 appears?  I originally had the server name, it failed, I had it empty, it failed, I entered dummyitem3, and again it failed.  It must be looking for something specific that I have yet to provide.


                        But to me the above enteries seem to be in the correct locations.


                        Lou Spagnuolo

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                          Bill Robinson

                          you need to remove dummyitem3 and fill in targetdevices

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                            Luciano Spagnuolo

                            OK, I got something finally working.  I ran the command manually on the AppServer and it failed but it did show me the command failure which pointed to the staging directory.  For whatever reason the staging directory was /tmp/stage when I actually have it set to /opt/RepeaterStaging.  When I corrected the property I was able to run it from the command line, and right after from the console.  What I do notice is that the content that gets delivered to the repeater is blpackages, imported, remoterepository.  The remoterepository contents the patches and the command cleans up this area fine.  The other two areas do not get cleaned up by the clean repeater command.  How are these two other directories maintained?  Is it manually?



                            Lou Spagnuolo

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                              Bill Robinson

                              what command did you run manually?  w/ what retention time?  what files in the blpackages and other directories do you expect to be deleted and is the atime newer than your retention time?  if so they won't be deleted because they don't meet the criteria.

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                                Luciano Spagnuolo

                                I establish a NSH session on the AppServer and ran the following command

                                blcli Delete cleanupRepeater rhel56-2.tcgspag.com 3 6


                                It deleted all patches in the remoterepository of the repeater staging directory that were older than 3 days and kept only 6MB of size of files.  It did not delete anything from the other two location in RepeaterStaging which are the blpackages. This of course was after I corrected the repeater_staging property.


                                Now I'm faced with two more questions.  How does the blapackages get cleaned up on the repeater? and what syntax do I use to list more than one target for TargetDevices?  is it spaces or comas?


                                Thanks for your help, this was driving me crazy

                                Lou Spagnuolo

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                                  Bill Robinson

                                  the blcli command looks at the atime, access time, to determine what files to delete.  is it possible the files in blpackages and the other folders have been accessed w/ in the last 3 days ?


                                  the blcli Delete cleanupRepeater command only takes a single server as an argument.  so you'd need to use a space delimited list there it looks like.  i think you might need to do like "repeater1 repeater2"

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                                    Luciano Spagnuolo

                                    Bill, I've been able to test everything successfully except the time scenario.  I should be able to test that later in the project but I'm sure you are correct.  As for multiple repeaters in the targetDevices I listed a couple separated by a space.  The job ran against each with no issue.  To make this a little easier for the next person, I documented everything in a doc that is attached to his post.


                                    Thanks for your help

                                    Lou Spagnuolo

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