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    Upgrading to BSA 8.5, have a question...

    Mark Casey

      I'm going through the documentation for BSA 8.5 for a upgrade I have scheduled for the end of the week.  I've come across a section in "Preparing for the Upgrade" which I don't quite understand, specifically in the section labeled "Upgrading custom configuration objects".


      It reads: "If you are not upgrading all of your agents at this time, make copies of all component templates,

      BLPackages, Snapshot Jobs, and Audit Jobs that reference custom configuration objects that have

      dependencies on agents running earlier versions. You must maintain a version match between component

      templates, BLPackages, Snapshot Jobs, and Audit Jobs and custom configuration objects and agents. The

      objects that you copy in this step are the objects that you can use to maintain the version match."


      I'm not sure what this means exactly. We definitely fall into the group of customers who will not be able to deploy all the 8.5 agents as soon as we upgrade because we'll need to get Change Requests approved to do so, which will take some time to go through all the agents we have. 


      I guess my question is, how difficult is it to do what it is asking?  It sounds very complicated and cumbersome.  Or am I reading this wrong?  Does it only apply to those items which specifically target old agents, in which case, I don't think we have any of those.




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          Bill Robinson

          The issue here is that the 'Server Objects' - such as Unix Users, Unix Groups, etc are not always backwards compatible.  for read operations they will probably be ok, but for deploys there could be issues.


          so if you plan on keeping downlevel agents around for some time you may need to make copies of any blpackages, jobs or templates that target the older agents.


          if you are going to upgrade your agents pretty quickly after the appserver upgrade then you don't need to worry about this.


          this is something we are looking into improving because it is a bit onerous to deal w/ copying things around.