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    Desktop interaction on Windows

    Mark Francome
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      My user wants to install a Control-M Agent on a PC where they run jobs via the Windows Scheduler. Their processing requirements have become more complex and the Windows Scheduler (which shouldn't be called a scheduler at all) is not good enough.


      One of their scripts runs various updates and then opens a Word document for update on the desktop (and then saves/closes it). This works fine from the Windows "Scheduler" but, from my previous experience, I don't think it will run via Control-M.


      I know that the Agent has an "allow interaction with desktop" on it if you are using a specific "log on as" userid but I don't recall this actually allowing something like this to work (the user has yet to decide if we'll be running the agent as system or as a specific userid).


      Has anybody got Office stuff to work via Control-M? Any tips much appreciated.