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    CMDB Configurations Tuning

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      I'm looking to tune some of the configurations available in CMDB especially in normalization (NE) and reconciliation (RE). I hope that you would help fill in the missing pieces of information.


      Starting with NE,

      1. Batch Mode Settings: Chunk Size (definition)
        • How one determines appropriate chunk size? How much memory is consumed by adding more CIs in the chunk? I don't think default value, 25, is best, but I have no evidence to prove that increasing it would be beneficial. I don't want to get the right value from trials and errors.
      2. RPC Queue: AR RPC Queue and CMDB RPC Queue - I've got lots of useful information from the following posts and could make a reasonable decision - thanksfully:
      3. Threads and Connections: Thread In Batch Pool
        • Again, how to determine the size?



      1. RPC Socket
        • I believe most people will already assigned one, but was wondering if there is anything else we could do with recon.
        • I also noticed that how long recon job runs doesn't depend solely on how many CIs it processes - any idea?


      Data quality

      1. I am following 7 Tools to verify BMC Atrium CMDB is working well


      Please let me know if there is any other suggested ways to improve CMDB performance. Thank you!